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As members of the IMCS Exchange community, Corporate Advisers play a key role in preparing applications and assessing the suitability of companies for admission to the IMCS Exchange Market. They also provide ongoing advice and support to companies already listed in the Exchange market.

We welcome enquiries from experienced corporate finance firms who are interested in joining our growing membership of SME market specialists.

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Trading membership of IMCS Exchange allows access to the IMCS Exchange Market Main Board.

Broker members of IMCS Exchange benefit from best execution and low transaction costs with immediacy of trading, single execution fill, price improvement on the primary best bid and offer and size commitment for illiquid securities. In addition, all the major data vendors offer IMCS Exchange trade data. Settlement is bilateral and all IMCS Exchange securities are eligible for electronic settlement.

IMCS Exchange offers market participants a choice of cost-effective trading services to facilitate both on-exchange and off-exchange activities in listed and unlisted securities.

On-exchange services are:

  • Market making
  • Quotation and trade reporting services
  • Broker dealer
  • Trading with market makers and, if also trading with non-market makers, submitting trade reports in relation to on-exchange transactions permitted by the IMCS Exchange Trading Rules

Market participants can connect to IMCS Exchange’s proprietary trading interface for trade reporting purposes. Alternatively, approved third-party software providers may provide this service.

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IMCS Exchange offers market data to vendors whilst ensuring the highest level of data integrity.

IMCS Exchange trade data is competitively priced, enabling buy and sell side trading members to gain access to trade data on the IMCS Exchange Main Board, in order to trade securities.

As well as being competitively priced, IMCS Exchange publishes trade information for on-exchange trades. IMCS Exchange also offers investment firms trade publication facilities for OTC trades in Regulated Market securities.