IMCS Exchange Main Board

The IMCS Exchange Main Board is a XX country Regulated Market that caters to the needs of companies seeking cost-effective admission to access growth capital and opportunities to trade on our Exchange. The IMCS Exchange Market is a market designed for early growth stage entrepreneurial companies with a capital market environment to meet their needs. The Main Board listing admission process is simple and transparent, and the knowledgeable and helpful onboarding team at IMCS Exchange is there to help these companies every step of the way.

Our exchange market’s regulatory framework is specifically designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized companies. The admission criteria and ongoing obligations to maintain listing status are kept as simple as possible to allow the companies’ management to focus on managing their business and generating returns for shareholders. We are able to do so, whilst still ensuring the interests of our investors are safeguarded.

The IMCS Exchange is a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) as defined under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2004 (MiFID). Companies admitted and listed on the IMCS Exchange are eligible investments for the full range of unquoted company tax reliefs, including capital gains and inheritance tax.


Why List on IMCS Exchange?

Every day, small exchanges occur between business leaders, employees and their customers that improve the world. You give advice to a colleague who builds upon your insights to develop new technology. You mentor an intern who becomes a top employee. These are the tiny, original sparks that drive the engines of growth and innovation.

What more could you do if each of your exchanges were given the fuel needed for growth? At the IMCS Exchange, we’re opening the door for the world’s best companies, leaders, innovators and problem-solvers to find out.

Joining IMCS Exchange can help companies at every stage of development; from young entrepreneurial ventures looking for growth capital through to well-established businesses ready to take their companies to greater heights.

Most companies apply to join IMCS Exchange to raise capital to fund their continuing growth but there are many other benefits to going public. Listing on the IMCS Exchange can:
  • Enhance your company's profile, whether among potential shareholders or new customers;
  • Demonstrate to potential customers, suppliers or business partners that your company has successfully undergone the rigorous scrutiny of the application process;
  • Provide an independent valuation for your business;
  • Enable shares to be used as an effective acquisition currency;
  • Enable shares to be used as an effective acquisition currency;
  • Support employee share schemes and share option schemes to help attract, retain and motivate the calibre of employee needed to grow the business.

Other Benefits of Listing on IMCS Exchange Main Board includes:

Our Exchange Market Model Results in Superior Market Quality

IMCS Exchange Market Model

The IMCS Exchange’s unique market model combines leading technology with human judgment to prioritize price discovery and stability over speed for our listed companies. Coupled with our electronic markets, we believe nothing can take the place of human insight and accountability. It's the human element at IMCS Exchange that results in lower volatility, deeper liquidity and improved prices.

IMCS Exchange, Designated Market Maker (DMM)

At IMCS Exchange, there are designated market makers assigned to respective securities, and they have obligations to maintain fair and orderly markets. Our market markers operate both manually and electronically to facilitate price discovery during market opens, closes and during periods of trading imbalances or instability. This high-touch approach is crucial for offering the best prices, dampening volatility, adding liquidity and enhancing value.

DMMs apply their market experience and judgment of dynamic trading conditions, macroeconomic news and industry-specific intelligence, to inform their decisions. A valuable resource for our listed company community, DMMs offer insights, while making capital commitments, maintaining market integrity, and supporting price discovery

We strive to continue to be a consistent leader in raising capital, trading and customer service – The Global Network of Successful Companies