Let's Change the World

You know it when you hear it—an idea that can change the world. All it needs is a foundation
to thrive on, one that combines human innovation and resourcefulness with
cutting-edge technology.

The IMCS Exchange is the gateway to enter uncharted territories and achieve breakthroughs.
We help companies raise the capital that raises the world. When you follow your true calling,
greatness is born. Our true calling is to help great companies do even greater things.

Management Team

Thomas Fisher

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas brings to IMCS Exchange over 18 years’ worth of industry experience.

Throughout his 18 years career, Thomas has held senior positions at a number of exchanges and financial institutions...

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Markus Fritz

Managing Director (Markets)

Markus is responsible for markets operation, business and market development as well as customer delivery, and overlooks the functions that sources and manages prospective issuers. Markus has specialised in sales...

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Mathieu Durand

Chief Investment Officer

Mathieu is responsible for the overall management of IMCS Exchange’s finance, accounting and investment functions.

One of Mathieu’s key responsibility includes the financial evaluation and...

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  • Cost-effective
  • Knowledgeable and helpful
  • Experienced professionals
  • Simple and transparent process

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Bringing Vision to Life.

It never gets old. Every day the exchange bell rings opens, it’s a vision coming to life.
It’s the sound of a new way to connect, to improve health and to better lives around the world.

Wherever you are, this ring is the sound of innovation working,
economies growing and lives improving.